Urgent & Critical Needs

ARIIA is working with the sector on areas of need where evidence, resources and innovation could inform and drive change in the sector. Aged care priority topics [link to page] for support by ARIIA are determined by an annual survey which identifies topics where evidence resources will be compiled, and which will be the focus of grant rounds.

In addition to this, some specific topics have been identified as urgent and critical by the ARIIA team in discussion with the sector and following an examination of sanctions and non-compliance issues. They provide an indication of areas where service providers may need to enlist the expert help in understanding and rectifying the problem. Infection control and COVID-19 have been seen to be urgent and critical needs in the aged care sector.

The Knowledge Hub has brought together key resources at the national and state level that provide current and reliable information to aged care providers, the workforce, and consumers and their families about these issues. These resources will be monitored regularly to ensure they continue to provide the most up-to-date information.

One-click PubMed searches that take you directly to relevant research evidence for these topics are also available.

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What are most important urgent and critical needs in aged care?

People working in aged care face problems and issues on a daily basis. Some of these issues may be of such significance or concern that they can pose an issue for a particular service or for the aged care sector more broadly.

We will report back on what users have told us in the Knowledge Connect newsletter. Please note this non-identifiable data may be used for research purposes.