Innovator Training Program

Are you working in the aged care sector and have a problem in your workplace? Do you need support in finding a solution? The Innovator Training Program is designed to provide you with tools and skills to use available knowledge and evidence to solve a problem you have identified in your workplace. The program will support you to make change based on the best evidence available to make an improvement.

The Innovator Training Program supports the aged care workforce to apply the best evidence available to improve care and service delivery. The Program is designed to provide the aged care workforce with the skills and tools to use available knowledge and evidence to solve a problem that they have identified in their workplace.

Why become an Innovator 

By joining the Innovator Training Program, aged care workforce ‘Innovators’ will receive dedicated training to make a change based on available research evidence, and shape a solution that is appropriate for local settings and organisations.

As an Innovator, the training program will provide you with the skills and knowledge
you need to:

•  Understand the components of a problem

•  Find best-practice evidence to solve the problem

•  Manage change and innovation within your workplace

•  Measure if the change has made a difference.

You will learn and develop skills in a range of topics from change management, stakeholder engagement, and project management, through to understanding evidence, how to adapt it, and how to adapt it in the context of your workplace setting.

The Innovator Training Program is interactive and facilitated online, with plenty of prompts to enable you to think about your problem and how you might tackle it. You will also receive lots of support from our team of aged care specialists, and guidance from your own dedicated Facilitator to identify potential evidence-based solutions and adapt them and plan for implementation.

Find out more about our delivery models, so you can choose a delivery model to suit you.  

Change is not easy to do alone, so Innovators will need to identify a Sponsor from your workplace who will support you during the program. As well, you will need to have an Organisation Authorised representative who can authorise your participation in the Innovator Training Program and confirm organisational support for the project. Your organisation will receive financial support of $2,000 (incl. GST) to free you up from normal duties to complete the Innovator Training Program and access the training resources so you can share your learnings. 

Aged Care Partnering Program

If your project has a broader and scalable relevance to the aged care sector, you may be eligible to join the Aged Care Partnering Program, where you will be introduced to industry experts and relevant stakeholders to further co-design a solution that is right for you and your organisation.

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Innovator Network

Once you have completed the Innovator Training Program you will have a project that can be undertaken in your workplace. ARIIA will continue to support you as you implement your project through our Innovator Network so you can stay connected to like-minded people who have the same interests and problems to solve as you.

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Who should apply

If you are deliver care services to the aged care sector as part of the aged care workforce, and have identified a problem, challenge or idea related to one of our priority aged care topics that you would like to solve, the Innovator Training Program may be a good pathway to creating real change in your workplace and help us shape the future of aged care in Australia.

How to apply