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Clone of Better for everyone - Staff resource-clone

This booklet is designed to help you, as a member of staff in an aged care facility, better understand and support your residents (particularly concerning people living with dementia).

Added 30 Aug 2023
DREAMT: Using telehealth to support Indigenous people with dementia

These two videos about telehealth are an educational resource for health professionals and people with dementia and their families.

Added 01 Aug 2022
Abridged guidelines for diagnosis and care of Aboriginal People with dementia in remote communities

These guidelines have been provided to ensure that people with dementia who live in remote communities are correctly diagnosed and receive the services that they, and their families, require.

Added 01 Aug 2022
Best-practice guide to cognitive impairment and dementia care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people attending primary care

This is a guide to support best practice in primary health care settings for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in relation to cognitive impairment and dementia.

Added 01 Aug 2022
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communication cards

Illustrated cue cards to assist carers/care staff to understand the care needs of a person and create opportunities to build trust and security while reducing anxiety.

Added 01 Aug 2022
Information sheet
Supporting an Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander with dementia move into aged care

This helpsheet provides tips and practical information to help you support an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person with dementia feel more settled in their new care environment.

Added 01 Aug 2022
Assistive technology

Much assistive technology is aimed at supporting people with dementia and their carers at home. This webpage provides information about the types of technology available, and tips about choosing technology that works for you.

Added 01 Aug 2022
Your guide to short term restorative care

This booklet explains how older people can receive support through the Short-Term Restorative Care Program (STRC).

Transition care for older people leaving hospital

This report provides information about the transition care program, the providers, the characteristics of the recipients and the outcomes of change.