Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible you must: 

Note that an organisation can only be the Lead Organisation in one application per round but can join as a participating organisation in multiple applications. Also, if appropriate, or if the capability does not exist, ARIIA can provide commercialisation support services at a cost to the consortium. If one or more Participating Organisation/s are located outside Australia, then the Project costs must be expended in Australia (unless approved by ARIIA in writing) and the application must articulate the benefits of the Project to Australia.

  • Articulate that the project has the potential in Growth and/or Translational Research outcomes. These projects will support/enhance workforce capability and/or improve care delivery and care outcomes for residents and clients.
    • Growth projects are those that will increase capacity to adopt products and technologies for aged care delivery.
    • Translational Research projects are those that focus on the adoption and implementation of existing research evidence in an aged care setting

      The translation may be from existing aged care evidence, or evidence from another setting, population, or industry where the existing evidence supports its potential transferability to trial in the aged care sector.
  • Have a co-contribution of at least 20% (ex GST) that contributes towards eligible project expenditure. For example, for a $200,000 (ex GST) project, a minimum of $40,000 (ex GST) must be co-contributed and cannot be from any other grant sources.

    For Projects that are greater than $200,000 (ex GST), ARIIA will only fund a maximum of $160,000 (ex GST) each. The rest must be co-contributed towards eligible project expenditure and cannot be from any other grant sources.

  • Complete the Grant Application Form via SmartyGrants in its entirety including:
    • Any relevant attachments; and
    • All necessary signatures.

Further information & Feedback

Enquiries, feedback and comments regarding ARIIA Grants can be submitted online via our contact form.