Innovator Network

The Innovator Network enables ARIIA Innovators to connect with others to build knowledge, skills and capability to implement evidence-informed practices within the workplace. 

The Innovator Network program is open to anyone who has participated in the Innovator Training Program or the Aged Care Partnering Program. This includes organisational sponsors and others from your workplace who are working with you on your project.

The Innovator Network is there to support all Innovators and project participants as they continue to progress their project within their organisation or with other partners. 

Participate in regular discussions & drop-in sessions

The Innovator Network enables you to join regular discussions and informal drop-in sessions to ensure that you continue to link with other Innovators and ARIIA’s team. 

Continue to further your knowledge & capabilities

Connect with other Innovators about their implementation projects to gain new information and insights to build on your learnings from the Innovator Training Program. 

Access webinars and networking events

You can attend networking discussions and access webinars to further enhance your implementation skills and learn about addressing barriers and challenges. You also have the opportunity to network with industry and research organisations that may help you develop future collaborations.

Further information 

If you would like to make an enquiry or wish to join the Innovator Network, please complete the enquiry form below or contact us directly at