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A technology roadmap for the Australian aged care sector

This technology roadmap has been designed to complement the Aged Care Roadmap, reflecting and underpinning principles, and applying the filter of technology to the way in which aged care is provided. Prepared by the Medical Device Research Institute, Flinders University, for the Aged Care Industry IT Council (ACIITC) in 2017.

Technology to reduce social isolation: For retirement living, home care communities & residential care

This webpage talks about social isolation, why it is an issue, the impact and cost of social isolation. It also has links to other articles on reducing social isolation with CareVision technology and why social isolation matters.

Updated 28 Jul 2022
How technology is helping the aged to live better

Aged care technology is proving to be essential in managing the lives of older adults and people living with disabilities in assisted living facilities, hospitals, and private homes. This webpage discusses the benefits of embracing technology.